Everyone Has a StoryTo Tell – Including Those Who Wear biker patches

There are different types of people, some are outspoken, some are meek, and some just really don’t care about anything. But one thing common in all of us, we all have a story to tell.

Most commonly, people want other people to know about good things in their lives, and they use a lot of ways to express it. Some people write about it, some people directly tell their stories to other people who they already know and even to complete strangers. Some people express their stories through indirect ways, using other mediums.

Biker PatchesWe can learn about peoples stories by looking at them, how they look, how they act, in the designs of the dress they wear, writings on their shirt, and even on their bodies. There are also easy ways of knowing a person’s story without asking them, like body tattoos, writings on their shirts and even the patches that they wear.

A biker for example, he can tell you a book full of stories about him and his group by merely showing you his biker patches. These patches could tell you what type of group he is in, when and why it was formed, how he earned those patches and the process he went through just to get those patches. A curios sales clerk at a bike shop once asked a biker about his biker patches and it took his entire shift before the biker ended with his story about his patches, stories that he did not realize, stories that told about his and his group’s character and what they stand for.

Same as biker patches, army patches also tell a lot of stories, it tells about where the soldier was assigned, what group he belongs to, what type of soldier he is, there are also army patches telling us about incidents during their call-of-duty, the ordeal they gone through and what they represent.

Designer patches may also tell a story about a person, it could show people that he or she is inclined to nature with all those images of flowers, trees and animals embroidered on the patch. But most common among patches are those that show affiliation like what was mentioned above with the army patches and biker patches, and of course brand names.

When we see patches, tattoos, shirt designs etc. there is already a story running in our minds about the person, this is called impression, and we assume things about someone based on things we see he wears, or does to his or her body, although oftentimes we get our stories wrong until the person himself or herself tells us the real story behind that biker patch, tattoo or shirt design. But nonetheless, wrong impression or not, there still is a story about that person that he wants others to know.

People who were imprisoned wear a lot of tattoos and each tattoo tells us a story, even athletes wear tattoos and also have their own stories to tell making the tattoos as a way for them to express or tell others about their story. Tattoos unlike patches are often prone to misinterpretations or wrong impressions. A tattoo by itself regardless of what design it has often does give a wrong impression, making people say that the person is a hooligan, a prostitute, a law offender etc. Yes, there are some who wears tattoos just because it is cool, but a lot of people wear tattoos for a reason, a story that they want to tell, it symbolizes something in their lives and once you ask them there will always be a story behind even the littlest of tattoos.

Everyone has a story to tell, but we all have our own way on how to express or say it. Once you ask someone about their patch or tattoo, listen; respect their story, who knows you might be able to learn something from them.